Commercial Window Tinting

Sunshield delivers simple, effective, and high value commercial window tinting services.

Sunshield provides excellent value commercial window tinting services to commercial properties in Victoria and Tasmania. We are trusted by facility managers, builders, and business owners in the professional installation of window films for the work area. Sunshield applies the latest commercial window tinting technologies and the finest warranties in the business.  A solutions-based approach ensure our clients receive excellent value for money and a long term return on investment. We want you to make the most out of commercial window tinting and the many benefits it offers.

Sunshield glass films and window tinting offer sustainable benefits to increase occupant comfort through reduced glare, maintainable working temperature and additional privacy.  Energy consumption and running costs are reduced, allowing building owners to demonstrate an environmentally sustainable methodology.  Safety levels are increased through application of regular and security window films to reduce injury from glass breaking in the event of strong winds, storms, cyclones or other natural disaster as well as crime or accidental broken glass from human impact.