Safety Glass Upgrade

Do you need the benefits of Safety Glass without the expense and hassle of replacing your windows?

Sunshield Safety and Security films are the answer to Safety Glass requirements under Building Codes, Council regulations and Family Day Care Scheme standards.

Arcom can assess your existing glass in windows and provide upgrade to meet the requirements of a Grade A Safety Glazing Material under Australian Standards AS2088 and AS1288.  This can usually be done to existing windows without any need to change your glass.

This can give you huge cost savings in some of these situations:

  • Family Day Care homes
  • Childcare Centres and Kindergartens
  • Schools
  • Public buildings
  • Homes
  • Buildings requiring change of use
  • Compliance certificates for renovations
  • Aged Care facilities

How it works

Your representative from Arcom will assess the existing glass in your building, and compare it to the requirements of the relevant Code or Standard.  Most situations can be made to comply the excessive cost of glass replacement, however if this is not the case, your representative will inform you of this.