Safety and Security Film


Windows are the least secure part of any building. To protect our employees, customers, belongings and property, we buy sophisticated alarm systems, install high security doors and yet still fit large areas of glass which are broken with ease even by the most inexperienced criminal.

Security window film is a tough sheet of polyester film bonded to ordinary glass to make it less easily broken through. Security window film is thicker than standard window film and has a more powerful adhesive. Some advantages include:

  • Limits “smash & grab” burglary by deterring or delaying intruders
  • Broken glass holds together in frame – no boarding up costs
  • Convenient cost-effective way to upgrade existing glazing
  • 10 year performance guarantee
  • Comply with Regulations and Australian Standards

Security window film is available in security grade thicknesses to provide a 1 or 2-way vision barrier to hide contents from prying eyes.

Although specifically designed to safeguard against crime, security window film also provides other valuable day-to-day benefits. All grades protect furnishings, carpets and merchandise against fading and deterioration by rejecting up to 99.6% of the sun’s damaging UV rays.

Other films in the security range are blast mitigation film, bullet resistant film and counter intelligence film.