Magnetic Glass Boards

Arcom is excited to showcase a new product. UBET recently opened up new facilities in Tasmania and we were pleased to supply them with Magnetic Glass Boards. These smart, versatile boards can be used in many locations, offices, board rooms, lunch rooms, Cafe's, your local club to name a few. Anywhere you wish to display information, advertise a service, product or event , or a message for everyone to see. Black magnetic glass boards are easy to install, and not expensive to purchase. They make the common white board look ordinary. 

These glass boards are made from 4mm toughened safety glass, come complete with 4 chrome stand-off wall fittings. They have a superior surface which will not deteriorate with time and use. They also do not absorb ink or stain. They are the perfect complement to any stylish office.

Contact us today for more information on this exciting new product.