IMAS Braille Hearing Loop.JPG IMAS 34.JPG IMAS 37.JPG IMAS Celing Hung Directory 1.JPG IMAS dot film 1.JPG IMAS ceiling hung directory.JPG IMAS Electrical Dist. Board Letting.JPG IMAS dot window graphics.JPG IMAS dot wall graphic.JPG IMAS Ext. fixing detail.JPG IMAS Ext. Logos.JPG IMAS Glazing room sign & printed film.JPG IMAS Ext 1.JPG IMAS Lift signage.JPG IMAS Loading Dock.JPG IMAS Printed decal strip.JPG IMAS Main switchboard.JPG IMAS wall mounted amenities.JPG

IMAS Building Signage - University of Tasmania

The refurbishment of the Institute of Marine and Antractic Studies building on the Hobart Waterfront was an exciting project for the team at Arcom. The unique design of the signage and glazing film is very effective. Arcom provided the project with a wide variety of signage and glazing film. Ceiling hung directories were striking in black with white text. The glazing signage was original being in stencil style. The glazing film provided privacy for offices and meeting rooms and featured a dot pattern as did the printed decal strip for the front of building glazing. Arcom also provided the braille signage which was modified to match IMAS color schemes and styles. External illuminated signage and logos was an exciting addition to the project. Sea themed wall features were also part of the signage package.