Helioscreen Awnings

Helioscreen Folding Arm Awnings and External Screens are an exciting addition to Arcom's Quality Products. Their stylish  and compact finish complement every building and facade. Technologically advanced, the awnings, pergolas and screens allow you to maximise outdoor living areas. They provide sun control from direct sunlight and absorb heat. Available with multiple options including sun and wind sensors – external screens can be either motorised or hand cranked.

The Helioshade® folding arm awning easily extends your outdoor living and entertaining areas up to a 4 metre projection and 7 metre width. Cleverly designed to withstand the harshest conditions, these awnings reduce the sun’s penetration and absorb heat. There is a variety of attractive systems to choose from that give you lasting trouble-free solutions. Folding arm awnings are also optioned with motorisation and fully automated with sun and wind sensors.

Too much sunlight can inhibit the full use of well designed outdoor areas. Varioscreen® – retractable sunroof from Helioscreen is the dynamic sun protection system that allows sunlight and natural light through to your living and working environment whilst keeping out the blinding glare and hothouse effect. Now available for flat glass roofs and sloping glass areas, Varioscreen® gives you more flexibility and freedom to enjoy these spaces, ensuring that both the exterior appearance of the building and the view from within are not compromised. Also available in non-transparent fabric.

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