Heat Loss Window Film

What is Low E Window Film?

Low-E  (short for low emissivity) is a specialised coating on the surface of a window tint that reflects long-wave infrared energy, which is the warmth that you feel.

Arcom Group is pleased to introduce to you a window film which becomes an energy and cost saving system. Ecolux window film welcomes the next generation of superior window film. Ecolux film boasts the benefits of insulation comparable to double-glazed windows minus the expensive price tag. 

  • Balanced summer and winter temperature control
  • Provides highest protection against harmful UV rays for skin and furnishings
  • Provides even temperature zones within a room whilst maximising natural light

Apply this film internally to glass and reap the benefits of dual action energy efficiency, keeping the sun and ambient heat out in summer and in winter it will work to reflect the radiant heat back into the room. If you are looking to reduce running costs of heating and cooling for your home, the all new Ecolux range of window film could be the answer you are looking for. 

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