Window Tinting

Sunshield’s range of heat reflective window films are a simple and cost-effective way to reduce temperature levels within buildings, reduce glare and harmful UV rays, consequently lowering energy consumption and creating a comfortable working environment.

Talk to Sunshield Solar Control for all your heat reflective window film needs. Some of the advantages of heat reflective window film include:

  • Reject up to 86% of solar heat gain
  • Cut glare by up to 94% improving visibility and reduced eyestrain
  • Filter out 99% harmful UV radiation – the main cause of fading
  • Improve occupant comfort and productivity
  • Cut your carbon footprint
  • Reduce energy wasted on cooling – less demand on your air-conditioning and achieve a pay-back through energy savings

Discomfort and damage caused by the sun makes the workplace environment less efficient and diminishes the value of property and assets. Sun damage need no longer be of concern for display stock in shopfront windows, and personal comfort and protection of occupants is increased.  Choosing the right window tint means reduced heating and cooling costs. 

In the summertime, radiated solar heat and glare can make life uncomfortable at the office, home or on the shop floor. Heat reflective window film help employers to comply with  Workplace, Health and Safety legislation for thermal comfort and for visual comfort against glare.

Heat reflective window film can be used to aesthetically enhance your building or for privacy purposes creating a uniform appearance and hiding window clutter. Appearances range from highly reflective mirror coatings, neutral grade tints, and opaque films.  

Sunshield will work to enhance privacy, reduce glare or fading, or address a combination of needs.