Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient homes and buildings are vital in today's economy - to save on living expenses for the home, to demonstrate environmental responsibility as a landlord, and to achieve comfort and compliance as an employer.

There are many areas where buildings can fail to be energy efficient, and in a variety of ways.  When needing to make energy savings, one of the primary considerations is achieving a worthwhile result for a moderate outlay - you need to be sure of your return on investment.

Arcom Group offers a range of products and services that can help you analyse your needs and ways to meet them.


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Energy saving blinds options

Sun protection louvre options

Window Tinting

Heat Loss


Why replace or upgrade an air conditioner if you can simply reduce its workload? 

Explore window tinting as an option to dramatically reduce heat at the point of entry into your building…

Do you need flexibility to control the sun during peak times or as your room usage changes? 

Discover which window film will work best for you…

Need a robust yet functional solution that you can add to your building management system. 

Look how you can even add to your building’s design features…