Decorative Glass and Window Film

Arcom Group takes pride in providing quality service and solutions with decorative films for a unique look for any office or commercial application. Our team of advisers have access to a wide range of films in different textures and colors. These films are used commonly for privacy and for decorative purposes in public offices, consulting suites and government departments.

Xeralux Decorative products can incorporate company logos for a uniform look, and create a professional atmosphere to passages and board rooms. 

  • Transform existing glass into an unforgettable design statement with large format printed window graphics
  • Reinforce your corporate identity
  • Provide privacy as well as decorating your glass
  • Increased safety – glass holds together safely in event of a breakage

You can maximise the potential of your glass with large format printing onto an invisible or frosted graphics film, making it far more interesting and imaginative than plain glass.  Transform your glass into eye-catching and unforgettable design statements with the additional benefits of solar protection, privacy and increased safety. 

Please contact Arcom if you require more information on decorative window films.