Cellular Blinds

Cellular blinds, often called honeycomb blinds, are made from a soft pleated fabric, which creates individual air pockets to increase insulation.

Cellular binds/Honeycomb blinds provide very effective energy efficiency through the individual pockets which provide a double glazing insulation effect. This helps with energy savings be reducing heat loss and gain. 

Cellular blinds come in a huge range colors to match any decor whether it be in the home or office. There are non-woven fabrics or poly fabrics which do not fray or fade, fabric is also dust repellant for easy cleaning. 

The cords for cellular blinds are hidden within the fabric creating seamless appearance with no external holes for light to shine through. 

These blinds stack neatly providing unobstructed view to outside and also letting maximum light in.


  • Easy rise - Endless cord system with geared clutch. Cord remains the same length for safety with children
  • Cordless - Also with geared clutch for extra smooth operation. 


  • Day/Night Blind offering two fabrics combined in one blind giving diffused light throughout daylight hours and total light control at night. Stacks neatly away when an unobstructed view is desired.
  • Top down/Bottom Up blind for screening of low-level windows, allowing blind to be raised from bottom, lowered from top giving useful extra privacy where needed.
  • Two on One headrail ideal for larger windows, partio door applications and window/door combinations. This allows two separate blinds to be mounted on 1 headrail and provides independent operation.

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