Sunshield Architectural film is used to enhance the appearance of buildings, facades and office space, fittings and fixtures. 

  • Transform the appearance of your building
  • Hide window clutter, building contents or block-up unsightly windows
  • Increase safety – holds glass together safety in event of breakage
  • Improved solar control, safety and privacy
  • Can be used to change colors of surfaces and substrates

Dated buildings can be transformed into striking examples of modern architecture with the application of a tinted, reflective or decorative window film.  The application of film can revive and upgrade tired office blocks into eye-catching design statements, enhancing visual impact and increasing the value of the building at minimal cost.

A choice of window films are available in a range of finishes and colours.  Each film is designed to make existing glass tinted, neutral or reflective in appearance and offers a wide range of additional benefits such as fade protection, reduced solar heat gain and glare, privacy and additional safety, security or bomb blast protection.

Arcom can also offer supply and installation of DiNoc architectural textured vinyl which is a excellent cost effective alternative to change colors and finishes of any substrate

If your funds are limitless,  your imagination isn't. With Arcom's range of interior and decorative glass finish choices, we help you meet your budget demands, and aesthetic preferences.