About Us

Arcom Group is a 100% Tasmanian owned company with a reputation for excellence and personal service to all their clients. We offer resourceful, tailored and diverse solutions for architects, builders and government departments with solar control contracts and specialised made to order signage. We are able to function in a consultative role at any stage of design or construction, as well as supply, install and service products for any refurbishment, upgrade or construction project.

We stock a comprehensive range of window films for heat control, privacy, safety, anti-graffiti, energy management and decoration. We also offer films to control glare, fade reduction, safety decals and glass markings.

Arcom also supplies made to order sunscreen blinds, vertical and panel blinds, roller blinds and celluelar energy-saving blinds. 

Arcom also manufactures made to order logos, borders and corporate images. We also offer made to order signage, including LED signage to complement shop fronts, shop displays and external building signage. Our specialsed service ensures complete customer satisfaction.